RAS-J & RGS-J Large Rotary Series

Performance Information
Flow: 1320 to 37264 CFM
Max Δ Pressure: 22 PSIG
Max Δ Vacuum: 16″ Hg

The RAS-J and RGS-J large rotary blowers utilize proprietary WHISPAIR* technology to reduce reduces stress, vibration and noise in your system.


Product Line Information

Impeller shafts are alloy steel forgings; flange connected to the impeller bodies with high-tensile socket head capscrews. Standard blowers have precision machined labyrinth seals where the shaft passes the casing headplate.

Long-life, double – row spherical roller bearings support the shaft assemblies and control axial location of the impellers at the thrust end. An inboard 5th bearing helps reduce drive shaft stress on 1000J through 1400J frame size, V-belt driven blowers.

Both RAS-J blowers and RGS-J blowers offer a positive pressure lubrication system which can extend bearing life by up to 50%. The Roots RAS-J blower is also available with an energy-saving splash lubrication system in place of the pressure system.

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