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Howden Roots Factory Authorized Repair & Warranty Center

In addition to Roots blowers, we repair all positive displacement blowers, multistage centrifugal blowers, gear boxes, liquid ring pumps, sliding vane compressors, and more!


Our Process


The only way to know what happened to a unit is to tear it down. Our team takes detailed notes and photos during disassembly to make sure we know what your repair needs.


No mystery here. You get a detailed description of what caused the unit to fail and full list of all the work to be done and parts to be used in the repair. Unit not repairable? We also provide pricing from our large new and reman inventory.


Balancing is so important, it has it’s own step in our process. Every piece of equipment that comes to our shop gets balanced to ensure it will operate smoothly.


Done in-house, our full-time machinists make sure your rotors are as good as new.


Certified technicians rebuild your blower using the same process and equipment as the factory.


Every unit that we repair is run tested. We value our customers and want to guarantee their equipment works flawlessly before it gets out in the field.


Rest easy. Every Powered Equipment repair is backed by our 1 year warranty.

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